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Corporate Law AttorneyWhen your business needs comprehensive business law services, you need a corporate law attorney who can help you reach your goals. At Randall & Associates, we assist our clients with a wide variety of corporate law matters at every stage of business development. Whether you’re considering a startup, IPO, or dissolution, we’d love to help you craft a plan. Keep reading to learn more about how we can help

Why Does My Business Need a Corporate Law Attorney?

Operating a business involves a lot of complexity. You have to balance your dealings with your shareholders, employees, business partners, creditors, and governmental regulatory agencies. As you navigate different stages of growth, questions will arise about legal compliance, your operations, financing, and other issues. A corporate law attorney can help you understand your responsibilities and rights, as well as create strategies that are tailored to your business’ needs and goals.

Corporate law guides more than your business’ shareholder meetings and recordkeeping requirements. Corporate and business law frames nearly all of your enterprise’s operations, relationships, and growth. Whether you are founding a startup or have a mature business in need of succession planning, a corporate law attorney can help you make smart decisions that focus on your business’ specific needs and legal compliance.

At Randall & Associates, we guide our clients through a wide variety of corporate and business law issues, including the following:

  • Forming limited liability companies (LLCs), limited partnerships (LPs), and corporations
  • Drafting partnership agreements and other contracts
  • Crafting organizational documents, such as by-laws and operating agreements
  • Maintaining corporate and business records
  • Overseeing corporate governance
  • Participating in board of director meetings
  • Initial public offerings (IPOs)
  • Purchasing and acquisition of other businesses
  • Obtaining financing
  • Dispute resolution and mediation
  • Litigation services, including contract enforcement and corporate defense matters
  • Selling and dissolving businesses

We represent a diverse group of corporations, LLCs, LPs, and other business entities at every stage of growth.

If your business has questions about corporate law, we’d love to discuss your concerns with you. Simply request a consultation with one of the respected corporate law attorneys at Randall & Associates. We’ll help you understand our approach to corporate law, as well as explain how a corporate law attorney might help your enterprise.

Craft Customized Business Documents and Contracts

Corporate Law AttorneyWell-crafted, customized, and legally-enforceable business documents and contracts are the backbone of any effective business organization. They help frame your employee and partner relationships, protect your interests, and build effective policies. At Randall & Associates, we understand the impact that a well-written business document can have and pride ourselves in our attention to detail.

We assist our clients with the negotiation, drafting, and enforcement of the following:

  • Operating agreements and corporate by-laws
  • Corporate restructuring and business sale agreements
  • Stock purchase agreements
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements
  • Royalty and stock purchase agreements
  • Employee and partner agreements

We believe that we offer a different perspective to your business or corporation. When you work with a corporate law attorney at Randall & Associates, they provide a unique perspective that is founded on our firm’s extensive experience with business development, tax law, and global enterprise. We pride ourselves on our ability to create practical and effective legal strategies that consider both your short and long-term priorities.

Strategic Planning for Business Owners

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind of operating a business. However, to succeed, you need to identify your long-term goals and build strategies that effectuate them. At Randall & Associates, we guide our clients through an array of strategic planning matters. We can help you understand your options concerning the following:

  • Asset protection
  • Business succession and executive estate planning
  • Legal audits that prepare a business for sale or acquisition
  • Tax planning

We encourage our clients to look beyond their business’ immediate needs and assess how their decisions will impact its long-term growth and success.

Importantly, a corporate law attorney cannot guide a business’ strategic planning unless they understand its operations, goals, and idiosyncrasies. At Randall & Associates, we spend time with our clients, getting to know their businesses as well as looking for ways that we can improve their function and legal compliance. To request a consultation, complete our online form or call us today.

A Global Perspective on Corporate Law

Today’s businesses don’t operate in a single country. We understand that your employees, partners, and business interests may extend beyond the United States’ borders and can therefore help you build systems that protect your business interests. At Randall & Associates, our team is multilingual and also has extensive experience handling international business transactions, international tax law issues, and other matters.

Whether you are a domestic or international business, we can help you understand how global factors might impact your operations and success. Our attorneys have business transactions in the United States, Chile, and Peru — and have guided clients through their international tax matters in numerous countries. If you’d like to learn more about our approach to international business, contact us for a no-risk consultation.

Grow Your Business With Help From a Corporate Law Attorney

If you’re ready to consult with a corporate law attorney, contact Randall & Associates for a personalized and confidential assessment. Located in Park City, Utah with additional locations in both Arizona and California, we tailor our practical advice and strategies to our clients’ unique needs. Our practice also offers assistance with international tax and securities law matters. We look forward to speaking with you in detail about your business and its goals.