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IRS Announces End OF OVDP – Urges Taxpayers To Come Forward.

On March 13th the Internal Revenue Service announced that it will begin to shut down the 2014 Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program known to many as the OVDP Compliance Program. The IRS plans to completely close the OVDP program on September 28, 2018. The Streamlined Compliance Programs will remain available to individuals with undisclosed foreign assets but [...]


Expatriation Guide – How to give up U.S. Citizenship the right way

Our international tax law practice gives us the opportunity to serve clients living all over the world. Many times our clients no longer wish to retain their U.S. citizenship because they've lived most of their lives abroad, no longer do business in or visit the United States. It also doesn't make sense for these clients [...]


My Bank Sent Me A FATCA Letter?

Over the past couple of years this is one of the most common phone calls we get at the office. A client calls and says that their bank sent them a letter in the mail with the word FATCA in the subject line and they want to know what FATCA means and what they need to do. [...]


Foreign Financial Accounts & FBARs

Our office gets calls quite often with questions about foreign bank accounts. Many times the caller does not realize that having a foreign financial account could trigger a reporting requirement to the IRS, often referred to as an FBAR. Officially speaking, an FBAR (Report of Foreign Bank Account) is a form that is required to be filed [...]